Before you have a child, train with a dog

Children and the responsibilities that come with them... are we ready to assume them? An American therapist has found the right solution to answer this question: according to her, it would be necessary to... adopt a puppy!

Becoming parents is a heavy task full of responsibilities... a bit like becoming a dog owner! Budge the food and care, take it out regularly, give it the proper food and all the love it needs... Whether you want to become a parent or owner, it's the same! The American therapist, Laura Heck has understood and offers, since its discovery, a new method for couples who do not know yet if they are ready to cross the course to make a child! For that nothing more simple: it would be enough to adopt a dog

To institute a self-evaluation

Indeed, the engagements to be held near a hairy are revealing of the maturity of the masters. " Having a pet with a partner is a test of whether the other is a good guardian for a living ," the therapist wrote on

This method would allow to self-evaluate but also to evaluate its partner. Moreover, according to Laura Heck, this method would have a "great success" with its customers who are delighted with his advice.

The adoption of a dog also brings rules to establish between the two spouses, as in the case of a divorce, where the two individuals must make a schedule of alternate guards for the newborn (canine or human).

Moreover, without this test, the couple would not have to put forward fundamental conversations such as money management or the distribution of daily tasks

The dog, better than a baby?

The dog still a little more compared to the baby! Indeed, if the latter would not allow the partners to back off in case of difficulties, the dog him, would have therapeutic effects for delicate relationships... Not to mention that to have a dog, not need to go through the delivery stage, which is without context, one of the most difficult tests of the parenting course!

Nevertheless, we remind you that adopting an animal must be an act thoughtful , since it will be present for a big part of your life

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