Before / After: how technology has changed the lives of our cats

Today, everything has become smaller and more artificial. And if you thought you were the first victims of all these technological advances, you are mistaken: the cats have not escaped!

Ever-flatter screens for computers and TVs, Broadband Internet (almost) everywhere, electronic books... no doubt, we are indeed in the XXI e century! Yes, but now, a problem arises: if our daily life has long been completely revolutionized by all these small changes, what about our beloved animals and in particular salon tigers? This is the question that the Bored Panda .

1 site has asked. Lie on the television

2. Watch out

3. Watch the birds

4. Hunting

5. Play

6. Relax

7. Fishing

8. Tangle in the

9 threads. Running

10. Keep warm

11. Meet other

12 cats. Go home

13. Chatception

14. Take pictures

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15. Invade the personal space of his human

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