Become a hamster... for one night!

You have always wondered what a rodent felt in his cage? You can now live this experience, spending the night in a hamster house !

At the origin of this project, Yann Falquerho, creator of the agency Tabakero and concepts "A corner at home And "A unique corner", offering thematic townhouses . His last unusual project? Redecorate the smallest house in Nantes, so that you feel like a rodent in your cage.All is designed to see things and feel like a rodent.

Why a house hamster? "When I was little, I had a real passion for rodents. I really wanted to have a hamster and I've never had one, so now I'm avenging myself! "Yann says.

The bed is 2.5 meters high," so that we have the same as that of a hamster in his cage. " It is placed in a cage accessible only by a ladder and a forced passage on all fours in a long tube, in the manner of our little animals.

For sportsmen, a metal wheel of 2 meters diameter is installed in the center of the living room. Once the jogging way guinea pig finished, you can relax as it should be: the wheel turns into a sofa!

But if, with that, you do not feel enough gerbil, rest assured, the villa hamster still hides many surprises!

Cédric Chassé

A "lapper cube" made of wood and metal is provided to quench your thirst. A system allows the water to exit through the wall. All you have to do is lapping!

A little hollow? A feeder filled with organic edible seeds will fill you up.

But all this is just a small glimpse of the surprises the hamster house holds for you!

Another plus of the concept: for a night spent in a shelter of A corner at home, the company gives 1 € to the association "The lovers of the Desert". And from January 2010, every month and for every apartment the company offers a night to the parents of children hospitalized in the region

It takes 150 € for one night (with several services included) but you can enjoy the introductory price for 2 months, 99 € .

Finally, to keep a souvenir of this unusual stay, a Russian hamster will be offered ! But be careful, after a night spent in this rodent house, you will never look at these little animals in the same way.

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