Become a cat, and destroy all the possessions of your humans!

Notice to the amateurs video games, and cats! You could be conquered by Catlateral Damage , a little game as stupid as it is funny, thanks to which you can slip into the skin of a cat... Machiavellian !

The principle could not be simpler: you are a poor tomcat left alone at home, and decide to take revenge on your abandoned humans, gone work instead of papouiller! To do this, you have 2 minutes 120 seconds during which you will have to destroy as many objects as possible!
Books, DVDs, lamps, vases, cushions, television... You will be spoiled for choice

"Show your human who is the boss"

" Discover what it's like to be a mischievous cat , and show your human who is the boss by eradicating his material goods " : this is how the developer Chris Chung describes his work.

But all this is explained much better in images than in words! So watch the video of Catlateral Damage , the game that will give good ideas to your adorable cat!

Take your turn as a mischievous cat! The game is available for free here !