Because of a cat, workers could not do their job, their reaction is amazing!

Workers were to work at a woman named Ellie. But they did not expect to face... a cat.

When the workers arrived at Ellie's, they were greeted by a handsome black cat. Unfortunately, their task proved more complicated than expected , according to the note they left to Ellie, the owner of the place (and the cat)!

The black cat said NO!

The box " We could not complete the requested task " was checked, along with a reason: "the black cat said NO". This funny word, Ellie spread it on social networks, explaining: "workers came to my house today and just left it in front of my door. I'm crying with laughter."

The story does not say exactly how the cat prevented the workers from doing their job... Allergy? Phobia of cats? Aggressiveness on the part of the matou? Nobody knows. One thing is certain: their excuse made thousands of people laugh. The next time you want to escape a constraint, you will only have to answer: "Sorry, I could not come because the black cat said no!

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