Beautiful: she captures the unique bond that unites her sons and their animals

Talented photographer and mother of two adorable little boys, Elena Shumilova, a young Russian woman aged 32, sees for several weeks her pictures go around the web and so of the world. It must be said that his photographs are beautiful, and extremely touching, as this series featuring his toddlers and animals .

Dogs, rabbits, cats or ducklings: the two little boys, Yaroslav, 5 years old, and Vanya, 2 years old, love animals, and they make them feel good. There is an exceptional connection between them, of which only images such as these can reveal the content.

" Children and animals, it's all my life "

How to stay of marble in front of the clich├ęs of these crisp blondes making big hugs to rabbits and sharing beautiful and great moments of complicity with their dogs?

Before becoming the talented photographer she is today Now, Elena started drawing and painting, " which defined (her) sense of photography and composition ," she explains.

" Children and animals, it's all my life "says the one who never tires to take these two sons to the farm and to photograph them with their little friends with hairs and feathers

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