Beaten by policemen for a dog poop

While she was shopping in the streets of New York, Ann and her dog Psotka had to deal with the police in the most violent way for a simple dog poop

Ann walks her dog in the street and is suddenly approached by two police officers from New York City. When they see his dog, they accuse him of not having picked up the dog poop that is not far away.

Problem, this dog poop is not that of Psotka. " She only petted " the woman of Polish origin. But the police do not believe her and order her to pick up the excrement.

Frightened, Ann executes and proves to the police that this dung is not that of her dog because she is already cold. The policemen get angry and start beating her: they wounded Ann at the oelig; he, chest and stomach; She also has wrist and knee injuries.

The police defend themselves by claiming that everything is Ann's fault: she started screaming at them and prevented them from handcuffing her. And since when is the right to handcuffs for dog poop (which is not even that of our dog)?