BauBeach beach, a true dog paradise in Italy

If in France it is not always easy to find a beach where dogs are accepted, in Italy this is really the impossible mission . And in a country where the dog population was 6 million in 2012 (according to the Italian Ministry of Health), many dog ​​owners complain about this lack of tolerance for their four-legged friends

Patrizia Daffinà is the first annoyed, calling this situation even aberrant, since on some beaches where dogs are prohibited, Horses and goats are not .

Thus came the idea of ​​creating a canine beach, BauBeach .

A dog paradise

The BauBeach was established on a small seafront of 7,000 m² not far from Rome , and can accommodate up to 100 dogs at the same time. And so that things happen for the best for the masters and their companions, it is a whole organization which was set up by the association at the origin of this canine beach.

Indeed, the masters must bring the health book of their dog before entering the beach, and will have to pay an annual registration for 13 €. People who have adopted a dog in a shelter are entitled to a little preferential treatment and will pay less, to encourage adoption.

Dogs who look after the grain

"Aside from bitches in heat, all dogs can enjoy our beach, from Rottweiler to Poodle, "says Patrizia Daffinà, founder of BauBeach. However, if the staff at the beach entrance have any doubt about the behavior of an animal, it will have to pass some small tests to ensure that it will not disturb the peace at BauBeach

As for the facilities on the beach, everything has been planned for the comfort of the dogs and their masters: fresh water bowls, deckchairs, parasols and even a small pool designed for small dogs size afraid to face the waves of the Mediterranean! All in a particularly clean and well maintained setting, indispensable criteria to fully enjoy your seaside holidays with your dog. A real paradise that we would like to have in France!