Bait dog for dog fighting, Rambo is a miraculous

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It is in the woods of Rock Hill in South Carolina that Rambo, a magnificent Pitbull, was found by a stroller lost after being left for dead in the forest... Urged urgently in a veterinary clinic, the report was quick: judging by his wounds, Rambo was a "bait dog" for dog fighting

. Subdued character, the pitbull should not like to fight. His torturers took it as bait to train the other mastiffs. He used to be tied up so that the other dogs could practice the fight. He had already undergone a heavy operation which caused him to be amputated hind paws

, and many are yet to come. To make his convalescence easier, he can count on the veterinary team that took him under his wing. Indeed, they made him a wheelchair so he could move, but their goal is to be able to ensure that Rambo is walking alone again! In the meantime, it is covered with toys, of soft toys and love to make him forget his painful past. We can say that Rambo has never known so much tenderness... he was also lucky enough to recently find a host family with a mom and a new friend

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