Back to school: this girl dared to hide her cats in her schoolbag!

How difficult it is to part with your animals at the start of the school year! This little girl could not do it. She naturally decided to take her cats... to school.

"The teachers were told to expect everything, but I was not prepared to open a bag this morning and find two kittens , "said the girl's teacher on Facebook. His unusual testimony made a real buzz on the Web! Some Internet users even commented "what a shame, I am ashamed of not having thought before!

Indeed, the little pupil probably realized the dream of many children: go to school with her pet By hiding her kittens in her schoolbag, she probably hoped to follow her lessons good company. Unfortunately, her mistress fell on the cats, all did not go as planned:

Anna Kate Hood

"My student told me that she had even taken food and that she wanted to keep her cats on her desk, "says the teacher in her Facebook message. Nevertheless, the kittens had to return home. The girl, meanwhile, had to learn the hard way that animals are not welcome at school...

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