Bach flowers to cure the cat

Bach flowers can be a support to help the cat in some cases. Here are some floral essences, useful if they are administered with regularity:

Chicory : for an animal too attached to his master and presenting forms of separation anxiety. Holly: for a jealous cat

Impatiens : for a cat tense and irascible

Mimulus : in case of phobias and fears

Rock Rose : if the cat has sudden panic attacks. Do not mix more than 4 species; pour 2 drops of each essence into a bottle containing 30 ml of pure water and, regardless of the weight of the cat, administer 2 drops of the solution obtained orally four times a day, until the desired result is achieved.

In an emergency (an unexpected separation, a trip, a visit to the vet), a quick fix can be found with Rescue Remedy , one of Dr. Edward's remedies Bach, who is a good anxiolytic. Four drops poured directly on the tongue can allow the cat to find a little serenity.