Babies in contact with dogs and cats would be healthier

In addition to being the best friends of men, dogs and cats would reinforce the immune system of babies.

This is revealed in a Finnish study published in the American Pediatrics .

If we already knew that contact with pets reduced the risk of allergies in children, scientists at Kupio University Hospital observed that babies in contact with cats and especially dogs, living indoors or outdoors, contracted fewer ear and respiratory infections than children who did not.

The study was conducted on 397 Finnish infants in the first year of life. A period during which their parents noted daily the general health of their baby.

Healthier children

After ruling out all the factors that could increase the risk of infections, such as not breastfeeding, attending a nursery or being raised by smoking or asthmatic parents, the study found that these children were 30% less likely to develop respiratory infections (cough, wheeze, rhinitis ) and 50% less likely to catch ear infections .

" If children had contact with a dog or cat at home, they were in much better health. study period, say the researchers

because this contact would help their immune system to mature and reduce periods of infections when they occur. It was also observed that children close to dogs needed fewer antibiotic treatments.

A great news for parents of young children and companions on all fours!