Awards and awards for cat shows

The exhibitions fel Ines make it possible to reward the most beautiful cats and most faithfully representing the standard of the breed to which they belong. The presented cats must necessarily be part of the LOOF , the obtaining of distinctions or titles of championship being brought to appear on the pedigree.

The title of champion, supreme title

The contests of compliance with the standards allow the issuance of Certificates of Aptitude for the title of championship more commonly called "Titles". You should know that the Titles awarded are not the same for whole cats and sterilized.

Thus, an entire cat can claim the title of Champion, International Champion, Grand International Champion, Champon d'Europe and Grand Champion of Europe

Sterilized cats, for their part, can try to win the title of Premior, Premior International, Grand Premior International, Premior of Europe, Grand Premior of Europe

The other awards: the "Best"

In addition to the competition for standard compliance, in which championship titles are coveted, the exhibition is extended by awarding the "best" that reward the best cats present and to which kittens can also claim. Among them:

-The Best in Variety (BIV) where the judge chooses the most beautiful of its category (long or short hair, colors, etc.)

-The Best in Show (BIS) ), where the best of each category compete

-The Best of Best (BOB), which elects the best of the Best in Show.

After the initial judgments, the judge of competition gives "Nominations" for a category (eg short haired category) between the most beautiful male and the most beautiful female of each group regardless of race. The winners, one for each sex and for each category, will participate in the Best in Show (BIS)

The winners of the categories are evaluated according to a pyramid system so that we have the final selection : a kitten aged 3 to 6 months, a kitten aged 6 to 10 months, a whole adult cat and a castrated adult cat.

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