Autistic, this boy burst into tears when he found his missing cat

Autumn and his young master are inseparable. Also, a few days ago, when they found themselves after the disappearance of the feline, a moment rich in emotion took place...

At the age of 9, Austen is a young boy with autism and ADHD who is full of life thanks to Autumn, her cat who is also her best friend. Indeed, when she entered her life shortly after her rescue, she shocked him forever. "No matter how moody Austen is, Autunm always stays by his side. She was a great help to show him how to treat animals "," said Angela Davis, the mother, Love Meow . But a little earlier this month, the kitten disappeared...

Austen, devastated, cried, questioned, looked for her and even ended up getting sick so much so that he missed a whole week of school. And last Monday, surprise: Autumn was heard . Neither one nor two, the mother of the family has therefore recovered, put in a transport crate and went to school in order to meet his adorable duo.

A moving reunion so, which show - once again - how animals play an important role in the lives of their humans.

Moreover, thanks to the fabulous relationship he created with his cat, Austen hopes a day to become a veterinarian

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