Autism: a dog finally allowed to accompany an autistic child at school

This is a first and it marks a turning point in the USA for autistic children : A dog has just been allowed to accompany his young teacher to school.

After three years of struggle with the school, the Scooter family, an autistic child of 10 years, finally got him to take with him Madison , his German Therapy Shepherd.

After help dogs for the elderly, guide dogs or even those as a help to the rehabilitation of prisoners , it is therefore the turn of therapy dogs for autism to be recognized as being of public utility.

A victory for people with autism

Three years of fierce struggle for a debate to the limit of ridicule . Judge: The discussion focused on the distinction between service dog and therapy dog ​​. While the former are authorized by the Americans With Disabilities Act (an American law prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities ), the latter are not covered.

The difference is at the legal level service dogs are those who help physically disabled persons, while therapy dogs care for individuals with psychological problems.

Thus, Madison could not help Scooter when he was at school. But by noting the beneficial effect that the dog had on the child (and also by fear of the costs of a trial), the school eventually gave in.

It must be said that Madison is more than a pet for her little master, it is a real support everyday . The animal has been trained to touch Scooter or to give him truffle shots to distract him when he is in the grip of violent behavioral crises. It is also attached to him to prevent any danger situation to which the child could be exposed.

Wendy, the mother of Scooter, testifies: "It will be calmer, what will l help improve access to education because they will be able to learn in better conditions.

No doubts, this dog is a true guardian angel for this autistic child and we hope with all heart that this kind of initiatives is also developing in France.

And seen that images are always more meaningful than words, watch this report from an American channel on Scooter and his dog

More than a dog, a hero