Attached to a radiator, this dog is crying to be rescued

Sad early life as JD Pitbull.

When family members hear barking in the house next door, they do not immediately realize that something is wrong . It is after a day of permanent barking that they understand that the dog they hear must probably have been abandoned and called for help.

The family then contacts the local SPA. Once there, they discover a dog delivered to himself , in a state of total distress. And for good reason since the poor animal was alone for several days in a house totally abandoned.

A dog delivered to itself

"We found JD in one of the rooms, attached to a radiator with a chain so short that it could barely move, "says a member of the SPA. "He was lying in his urine and excrement and had no access to food or water . We think he was alone for at least 48 hours.

Looking closely at the room JD was in, SPA members understand that the dog lived in this room long before it was abandoned and that he had repeatedly tried to

In a state of significant stress, JD rushed out when he was released. Rather healthy despite everything, JD was immediately proposed for adoption and he quickly found a family where he would receive all the love deserved .

"JD loves to lie down in the garden and play with his ball. There is nothing more important to him than his ball, "says his new human who adds that he is also very comfortable with other dogs.

More happy than ever, JD has today all the space needed to have fun and spend. A beautiful revenge for this adorable Pitbull who had a bad start in life.

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