At the risk of losing his job, a pizza delivery man brings back a dog lost at home

A little earlier this week, while he was on a tour to deliver his pizzas, a young American decided to stop his work to accompany a Canine lost at home.

Adventurer, Snickers the dog has recently taken the powder away to offer new sensations. Then he lost himself. Too far from home, he was unable to find his way home. To tell the truth, he was mainly trying to return to his former home. But in his misfortune, the animal was lucky: his path crossed that of Steve Donovan, the young man who documented their fabulous meeting on the social network Reddit.

Delivery of pizzas, he had just started his tour when he fell on this lonely dog ​​on a busy road. Touched by his fate, he then decided to get him into his vehicle. There, he realized that the poor little lost was wearing a medal with his coordinates... and decided to stop working to take him home.

Identification, optimal protection for pets

It did not matter to him the customers, the reaction of his boss or losing his job. The priority was for him to bring Snickers back to his owners.

Arriving at their homes, he could only note their absence. He then entrusted the dog to the neighbor... and went back to work, explaining to the customers why he was late. And instead of bitching, everyone hailed his gesture.

Snickers meanwhile has found his masters. He no longer fears the dangers from the outside. Like what, to identify his dog with the help of a medal, a chip and or a tattoo can really save his life...

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