At a height of 90 grams, Meysi could be the smallest dog in the world

A few weeks after Zeus, a German Dog measuring 1m12 at the withers, made his entry into Guinness Book of records as the largest dog in the world, the tiny Meysi could well win the title of the smallest dog.

This bitch, a crossed Terrier born in Poland, weighed at birth only 45 grams . She was to be fed day and night, every half-hour, with a syringe.

Meysi was so small that her mistress took her for a piece of placenta when she was born!

A 90 gram ball of hair

Today, the tiny dog ​​has grown to and reaches 90 grams! " It's a miracle that Meysi is still alive and when her mother Pusia started giving birth to her litter, I first thought it was a piece of placenta and was about to throw it when it suddenly started to move " tells Anna Pohl Jarocin, the owner of the tiny animal

The first weeks were very difficult , for the little Meysi as for her mistress, deprived of sleep for a month and a half.

But now, the 3-month-old bitch is doing well, even if she is no bigger than a cell phone.

Meysi now eats Anna's baby food all by herself. And she has a very good appetite!

An unhealthy fascination

" She is very beautiful, but one must be very careful when one sits and when one walks " not to crush it...

If the little Meysi is adorable, and her case as incredible as inexplicable, the fascination for this tiny dog ​​can unfortunately be unhealthy.

As fashion is already very small dogs, that the Hollywood stars carry in their handbags like accessories , making these animals real objects...

> Get to know Meysi, who we are presented in a video:

This little dog weighs only 90 grams