At a glance: Yves Lahiani, itinerary of a dumb child

Yves Lahiani has never been dumb "medically" and that's good because his voice, soft and melodious, he does not hesitate to raise it up and strong as soon as it is necessary to defend the animal cause. Yet, as he says himself, from his childhood he is suffering from a social phobia that makes all human contact difficult. He took refuge in silence, hence the dumb nickname given him. He preferred to spend hours, alone, tinkering with models that he built with great dexterity, to rub shoulders with others.

The desire to help animals

The animals were already numerous around him in his childhood in Eure et Loir . With them, he felt comfortable, in his place, and more serene than among a group of children who did not understand why Yves was taciturn. One day, a chick that had his sister injured his leg. Yves' father, who was a doctor, diagnosed a fracture. It is probably this accident which made it possible to reveal the vocation of Yves. With the help of his father, he volunteered to help the little bird . Putting into practice his skill for the models, he made a splint and surrounded the bird with all his attention to keep him alive. And it worked. Faced with this success Yves understood what his path should be: he would look after animals !

He studied in Paris. He is a good pupil but no one in oral. Eventually, chance brought him into the veterinary world with Dr. Michel Klein, the highly veterinary veterinarian who is very active with wild animals and defends the animal cause in many television programs. This allowed Yves to meet various Parisian personalities related to television. Including Jean-Luc Azoulay who will be at the origin of Yves' debut on TV as animal chronicler.

OK, but for free!

At the start of the new TNT channel, IDF1, the former producer of AB Productions, who produced Club Dorothée, asked Dr. Michel Klein to do an animal chronicle. Dr. Klein declined the offer and offered Jean Luc Azoulay his protégé: Yves Lahiani, winner of the National Veterinary School Alfort , he surely perceives all the media potential. Yet, in the spirit of Yves, the eternal taciturn, becoming a TV host is far too far from his personality and he refuses. But faced with the determination of Jean-Luc Azoulay and pushed by the confidence of Michel Klein, who insists by extolling the merits of being on the screen to defend the animal cause, he finally accepts but on one condition: to be volunteer . With hindsight, Yves imagines with smiles the windfall that it was for the boss of chain, which accepts of course this advantageous proposal.

During three years, Yves will assure 40mn of weekly broadcast in direct on the IDF1 channel. It is for him a therapy to his social phobia and an opportunity to defend the animals he loves so much and it suits him.

From IDF1 to France 2

Sophie Davant is one of the clients of her Parisian veterinary clinic, where he practices. Didier Régnier, editor-in-chief of the program C'est au Program , presents a new vet for the Animal column; Sophie Davant offers him a try, knowing what he was doing on IDF1. Very stressed, but armed with his naturalness and his sincerity when it comes to animals, Yves convinces without even a test ! He finds himself on the largest national chain, addressing millions of people, he, the taciturn child who avoided contact with others.

At the beginning, he provides a monthly column. But his passage is so pleasing that today there are six monthly passages. And this has been going on for five and a half years. His chronicle on animals is one of the most followed and confirms the veterinary animator, a little stunned anyway, the merits of his actions in favor of animals. He speaks philosophy, education, health, activities, accessories, gives advice to take our companions on vacation. In short, a lot of little things in appearance, which are nevertheless essential. But it does not forget the wider causes, such as the struggle for better integration of animals in our cities with the OKA Committee, or his fight to avoid abandonment and abuse. All this, he does so in parallel with his practice of medicine and veterinary surgery that he pursues with happiness in his Parisian clinic and in which he draws the legitimacy of his televised remarks.

Calm in his campaign

As soon as his schedule allows, Yves Lahiani leaves to take refuge in his countryside in a quiet house in a house he restores himself. He exercises his talents as a handyman. Surrounded by Apache, his cross-eyed dog Pointer-Border Collie, Bianca, his European cat, Coco, the parrot, Yoda, the lizard and many other backyard animals he loves, he savor Nature and the outdoors with his family. He looks, full of humility, his itinerary filled with surprising encounters, which have passed from the silence of his childhood, to the very mediatory voice of animals in favor of their happiness.


Wagranville Veterinary Clinic, 4 Rue Théodore de Banville, 75017 Paris

This is the program, Committee OKA, 6 villa Albert Robida, 75019 Paris

David Strano