At Christmas, this puppy became a real hero for a Navy veteran (Video of the day)

An animal is not a gift. But when it is adopted to be handed over to someone responsible and really desiring it then... why deprive yourself of the magic of Christmas to please two beings? That's what this family did by uniting their son to a puppy.

Peter Coukoulis, 26, is a veteran of the Navy. If he is serious, courageous and responsible, his military career has unfortunately not left him unscathed: he has suffered post-traumatic stress since his return home. In order to help him get by and learn to live again, his family recently decided to offer him the most precious gift: an adorable four-legged friend, who is no other than a Beagle puppy. A meeting rich in emotions that was filmed by the family of the young man:

The presence of dogs is indeed full of benefits for us humans: they keep us healthy, empower the youngest, take care of us with their sincere love and are even real levers of insertion since they promote our exchanges with others. Peter and his new friend should be able to help each other and support each other for the rest of their lives...

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