At the bottom of the bowl # 21

Jacques Chirac , Susan Boyle, Mickey Rourke, PETA and AllCreatureAnimalClinic of the week... We can say that there is beautiful people this week at the bottom of the bowl. And that's normal since it's a bowl special celebrities !

The Bichon Frize offered to Jacques Chirac was not the real

Jacques Chirac , our former President, was offered a Bichon Frize by his friend and animator Michel Drucker . This happened on the set of the show Vivement Dimanche on the occasion of 77 years of Jacques Chirac. As a reminder, the Chirac had separated from Sumo, their Maltese Bichon, because it was aggressive.
And this dog as a gift, it was pipel! Not quite, because Michel Drucker did offer Jacques Chirac a dog, but he was not the one he brought home. The truth was at a dog breeder in Seine-et-Marne. Yes, the Bichon Frize was tried too little telegenic to get on the set... So Michel, we're ashamed of his gift?

Susan Boyle's cat prevents him from moving

Susan Boyle , the British who gained stardom with her and Britains Got Talent
, finally released her debut album. So it was imagined that with the money earned in recent months, Susan Boyle the rich new would move from her home to moderate rent. Well no! The singer claims that this move would upset Pebbles , her cat. She adds that Pebbles would hate suburban

suburbs! Here is a statement chic and shock!


Mickey Rourke: "My dogs saved my life" The actor with a dazzling comeback, Mickey Rourke , has recently said that his dogs are the only ones who supported him when he was at the lowest. He had lost his wife, his house, his career... but Lowjack and Loki his Chihuahua was still there! Today Loki is dead , but will forever be associated with the survival of Mickey Rourke

PETA ad scandal The new advertising campaign for the PETA (equivalent of our SPA in the US) did not fail to make you react yesterday when we published it on the
page AllCreatureAnimalClinic Facebook . And for good reason, we see a nude woman with angel wings whose private parts are hidden by a crucifix. That's not all: the young naked woman is Joanna Krupa, a supermodel who has already posed for the
Playboy magazine ... hot!
Several questions
come to mind then : What is the relationship between religion and the preservation of animals? Why a naked woman? Why a supermodel?

Some of you say that you are not shocked by this campaign, others that Americans always do too much... You also agree that nudity is relevant when it comes to an anti-fur campaign, but not to promote adoption.

So, does PETA use the animal cause to promote a sexual icon? The AllCreatureAnimalClinic of the week The AllCreatureAnimalClinic of the week is... Princess, a cross-breed Beauceron and Malinois, belonging to Saxxi cats (and Catwoman)! Aged 6, this brave dog is very affectionate and had the chance to fall on his masters, who saved him from euthanasia at the age of 6 months