At the age of 4, he writes his very first letter, to the "bad guys" who stole his dog

From the top of his 4 years old, Ethan just learned to write his first words, but with the help of his parents, he wrote a very touching letter, his very first, for a sad reason.

That's almost two years as Fern, his English Cocker and his best friend, has disappeared. The dog was stolen while she was on the family farm in Malden Rushett, British Columbia, says the Ferrier family.

Since his disappearance in April 2013, Ethan's parents have been steadily to post posters and publish ads. Special pages have even been created on Facebook and Twitter .

"To the wicked men who took Fern"

Although he was only two years old "Ethan was upset when Fern was taken to our farm, he asked again and again why anyone would want to take him. He never forgot Fern and asks us every morning if she's going I have to tell him I do not know, it's heartbreaking, "says his mom, Jodie, to Telegraph .

When the boy learned to write at school, he then asked his parents if he could send a letter to those who stole his four-legged companion .

"To the wicked men who took Fern. home now, please? I miss her, "wrote little Ethan in his letter with a drawing of the dog surrounded by his family.

A great surge of solidarity

Posted on Facebook and Twitter, es qu Ethan's words quickly surfaced the web, and hundreds of Internet users mobilized to help the Ferrier family find their beloved dog, posting photos and messages of support on the web. social networks the hashtag #FindFern, become viral.

"FindFern has officially become viral. Thank you for your support. Articles have been written in many languages ​​and our "findfern" is one of the most popular searches on Google "the family rejoices, very moved by this great surge of solidarity.

Fern is an English Coker who looks great in Lupo, the dog that Prince William and Kate Middleton adopted in December 2011. This breed has become very popular and the demand has come to exceed the supply, unfortunately causing a wave of dog theft.

The Kennel Club, which brings together dog breeders from the United Kingdom, claimed in September 2013 that the English interest in Cocker puppies had increased 9% since Lupo joined the princely couple's family.