At 70, this man has already saved hundreds of cats and he does not intend to stop there (Video)

Nearly 50 years ago, Carlo Oddo turned his home into a haven for abandoned animals.

View an animal in distress is unbearable for Carlo Oddo , since always. This man with the great heart has therefore given himself the mission to save as much as he could, by collecting them at home. He started by taking him to his apartment, then to his house. "As soon as I could, I settled in an apartment in Paris where I had a dozen cats. Then, I moved to a pavilion in Créteil and without realizing it, I had many others that I was taken or collected... ", he tells the Foundation 30 Million Friends who supports him

A real hero

He started 50 years ago and is now 70 years old but he does not plan to retire from so early. Transformed into a true refuge , its flag in Créteil continues to welcome animals of all species that it has found or entrusted to it. "Again this Sunday, I was put in front of my door a beautiful cat with his 6 kittens in a basket," he regrets.

Since he embarked on this mission, he has saved thousands of animals and even lives with 250 cats under his roof. But if he is a fan of tomatoes, he has also taken under his wing rabbits, dogs, parakeets and even pigeons. "I look after the little wounded and release them... but the majority come back to see me! He laughs. Each animal finds a place in his home and his heart and he gives himself body and soul for their well-being. "Each abandoned animal was victim of a human . I think about that when I look at it..."

The 30 Million Friends Foundation has been supporting its action on the ground since 1998 by providing a help to feed its residents and treat them with veterinarians . In September, he received additional financial assistance to take care of his animals unfortunately still more numerous!

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