At the age of 15, he is the first Swiss miner to have a guide dog

Mathieu , 15 years old, is a Jurassian living in Switzerland. He is the first miner in Switzerland to obtain a guide dog of the blind , and he affirms it, the animal has changed his life!

The young man suffers from disease rare and degenerative of sight but still follows a classical school curriculum and goes to college.

Not easy for this young boy who has long suffered taunts from his comrades and lack involvement of his teachers. As he reports at the 20 minutes site, Students scoffed at me and jostled me down the stairs to make me fall.

Then at the Learning Center for disabled children of sight, he discovered the companion dog company . He took the necessary steps with the Brenles Guide Dog School to obtain one.

A 4-legged companion to change his life

Mathieu now benefits from the company of Sapphire , a 3 year old Labrador. The animal has upset the day-to-day life of the teenager.

He who did not like walking now makes the journey between his home and his house on foot with his dog, which represents 40 minutes of walking per day . It also allowed him to lose weight.

Saphire the guide dog was authorized by Mathieu's college to accompany him to the school compound and waits patiently during class.

" Now I have confidence in myself and I even cause strangers. Sapphire positively changed my life. It brings me joy "says Mathieu. His mother confirms that he has found a taste for life and that he is making friends.

How to get a guide dog for the blind?

Contrary to what many may think, the blind guide dog is lent, it can not be bought.

Another point, it is not necessary to be blind; a visually impaired person can apply for a guide dog.

For minors, obtaining a guide dog depends mainly on the maturity of the adolescent , his entourage, and of course his agreement with the dogs.

For more information on guide dogs, go to the FFAC website (Fédération Française Associations de Guide Dogs for the Blind)