As soon as this cat falls asleep, a strange phenomenon occurs

Setsu-chan, that's the name of this beautiful cat with eyes piercing blues . This beautiful cat likes to pose in front of the lens of his mistress. But what he does not know is that his human being is not content to photograph him when he is cool, ready and at the height of his elegance.

No, she loves to take pictures when sleeping. Because as soon as he falls into the arms of Morpheus, about 16h a day remember, Setsu-chan metamorphoses

The beautiful snow-white cat becomes... how to say? A lot, but then really much less photogenic! But Setsu-chan can boast of having become a real little star thanks to this strange phenomenon.

He met success on Twitter first, where his mistress Mino, a Japanese illustrator, Never tired of publishing photos of feline Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde asleep, then in bookstores afterwards, since a book gathering these pictures has been published. Its title? The most dreadful sleepy face of Japan: The uneven beauty of Setsu-chan cat .

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Setsu-chan, a beautiful white cat with piercing eyes...

But when he falls asleep, a strange phenomenon occurs. The beautiful cat becomes... that: