As he walks, he sees a cat hanging in the air and rescues him with his backpack (Video)

A really impressive scene

A few weeks ago, in Russia, a man spotted a cat hanging in the air. The poor animal was walking on a cable when it was unbalanced and found itself in a very delicate position

A clever rescue

While a woman is in the process to film the scene, the man understands that it will be necessary to react quickly so that the cat does not fall in the vacuum by injuring itself . He then takes his backpack and places it in front of him, just under the cat. So when the cat loses hold, it will fall directly into the bag, without hurting itself.

And that's exactly what happens a few minutes later. No doubt exhausted by so much effort, the cat can no longer hold to the cable and loose . He then falls into the void and is received by the backpack placed exactly in the right place.

Visibly shaped after this impressive fall, the cat is then cuddled by his savior who said sweet words to reassure him.

According to the witnesses of the scene, the cat would have remained hanging on the cable for nearly 30 minutes , proving to everyone how much he wanted to live.

Below, you can watch this rescue really unlike any other video.

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