As a challenge to the authorities, a Swedish couple gathers 100 cats

Forbidden to host animals at home, a couple from Laholm (Sweden) still decided to counter the decision to justice...

Hell, paved with good intentions? Crazy lovers of cats, a couple took care to save many cats from the street to collect... without never sterilize . He was then denied the right to pet following complaints from local animal welfare groups, reported Hallandsposten .

Wishing to ensure that the decision to justice had been respected, the authorities then went to the couple. And there: amazement. "About 100 cats and cats were found at. The county council has never taken care of so many cats ", said Sara Olsson.

Euthanasia of cats considered

Following this crazy discovery, the authorities so decided - for the safety and health of animals - to seize cats. However, during the raid, ten of them managed to escape. The others will be subject to a veterinary examination.

"As soon as the veterinarians have made the complete examination of the felines, we will decide their fate. If some of them are sick or wild, they will be euthanized . But if they are healthy and docile, they will be placed in another house ", has also delivered Sara Olsson...

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