Dog artists exhibit their work in London

A Picasso sleeps in each dog! This is at least what the organizers of an astonishing exhibition, which in a London gallery, presents works by painters with 4 legs !

Picasso 4 paws

Dachshunds, Pit Bulls, Poodles, Labradors... more than 30 doggies participated in this extraordinary exhibition, all proceeds of which will be donated to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home , which collects abandoned dogs and cats, and tries to find them a new home.

Some of the artist dogs are also residents or former residents of this shelter in South London. . And visitors to the exhibition are naturally invited to come with their four-legged companions, who can try their hand at drawing.

An astonishing method

All the works presented were made in the same way , using a bowl of croquettes ! A pastel pencil is in fact attached to a bowl, placed on a large sheet of paper. The pencil leaves a line when the dog pushes the bowl with his nose The appetite of the canine artists therefore has a real influence on the final result!

" We have seen from the art made by elephants, horses, chimpanzees with a brush attached to their noses, and we said to ourselves: why not dogs? "explains Tom Webber, one of the organizers of the exhibition Drawing by Dogs.

Canine art for a good cause

All the works can be bought. The basic price is set at 100 pounds (120 euros), but buyers are naturally free to offer more!

" This is the first time we have made this public. tests with our own dogs and our friends' dogs, and have always wanted to do something like an exhibition, with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home "explains Tom Webber.

He and his partner, photographer Tom Lakeman, can be proud of the result. "There was a lot of barking, a fight, and a few pee, but it was a great success and we collected several hundred pounds " Tom rejoices.

And it's not over. The exhibition will end on October 20th. Londoners still have a few more days to come to admire canine art

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