Are cats superior to dogs? This study tends to confirm that

Cat lovers never miss an opportunity to defend the superior intelligence of their dear and tender domestic felines . And some scientists are there to support them, at least on certain points. A recent study published by the journal PNAS thus tends to prove that cats have resisted better during evolution than their best enemies dogs. From there to say that felines are smarter, there is only one step that cat lovers can easily cross!

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Cats causing the extinction of 40 breeds of dogs?

Better hunters than canines , cats would have played an important role in the extinction of some 40 species of dogs, depriving them of their prey.

These conclusions, the researchers have achieved thanks to the study of 2000 fossils. " The arrival of cats in North America has had a deadly impact on the diversity of the dog family, and we generally expect climate change to play a huge role in the evolution of the species. between different carnivore species has been even more important for dogs, "says Dr. Daniele Silvestro, a researcher at the University of Lausanne and lead author of this study.

A case of claws

In addition to their agility and speed, cats have an advantage over dogs Their ancestors gave them retractable claws , while all species of canines endowed with this particularity have disappeared.

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" Cats have retractable claws that they only go out to catch their prey, which means they do not wear them and can keep them sharp, but dogs can not do this and therefore have a disadvantage on cats in an ambush situation "explains Dr. Silvestro

A very different kind of intelligence

Performing intelligence tests on cats is much more difficult than conducting experiments with dogs, more sociable, docile and responsive to rewards. Dogs have been working and living with humans for millennia while cats have remained very independent animals. A difference cultivated by the man who raised dogs for their usefulness for centuries but surrounded themselves with cats almost exclusively for their company.

But it is obvious that the intelligence form possessed by the felines is very different from dogs. If we say that it is impossible to educate a cat, it is not quite true. We do not learn tricks to a cat like a dog, with treats and encouragement. Your cat, who unlike dogs does not learn to please his human, will make you understand what really motivates him.

Experiments have shown that cats have a different way of learning, based on attempts and lessons learned from failures. A cat who has learned to solve a puzzle will apply what he knows to try to solve others. This is how some felines learn to open doors, like this incredible cat whose escape from a cage went around the web a few months ago.