Are cats superior to dogs?

The opposition dog / cat does not date from yesterday, so is not it time to finally answer this existential question?

D ' after a study published by the PNAS, the journal of the American Academy of Sciences, and made from 2,000 fossils, cats would have helped to remove about forty breeds of dogs ... thus affirming their superiority over the latter. According to this study, as summarized by the British daily The Independent , cats are indeed more resistant than dogs. With retractable claws, they would be better hunters and would have been a factor even more important than global warming in the evolution of the canine species.

The dog, more complex than the cat

However, to speak of " superiority " of the cat in relation to the dog is inaccurate. " Cats do not hunt the same prey or in the same way as dogs," says veterinarian Stéphane Tardif. " Cats hunt small prey alone, while dogs hunt big ones, and they work in groups ," he says. " Based on the hunting method, that of the dog is more complex ". To say that cats are superior to cats according to their respective hunting methods would therefore be an error: the two species are not comparable . According to the veterinarian, " cats and dogs are not on the same ecological niche ", and in the food chain, the dog is located on the contrary above the cat. " We can not speak of superiority, but of complexity. And the most complex is the dog, whose cognitive abilities are more developed , "he concludes.

Today, the domestic cat has no more predators, and the dog either . The two species are therefore more or less equivalent in the food chain. However, one tends to believe that the cat dominates the dog: " more independent, the cat which must interact with another animal will tend to prefer the aggression to the cooperation ", explains the Dr. Tardif. As a result, the cat " imposes its authority " and can pull out the claws as a weapon at any time. The dog, more sociable, will not act in the same way. But if he were to attack, he would certainly win the battle because of his size, weight, and strength.

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