Appache and Alto, or when a sheepdog takes love for a kitten

Need a little tenderness and sweetness on this Monday of come back? Do not wait any longer to meet the cutest duo you'll see on the web today. Appoint the tiny kitten and Alto the white wolf , as nicknamed his mistress Basia, are inseparable.

When little Appache came to his door one fine morning two weeks ago, waking the whole family with meowing, Basia did not resist for a long time before deciding to keep it. But the young woman was very apprehensive of the reaction of her dog, generally not very delicate with animals smaller than him, in front of the little orphan.

His fears happily quickly faded, because the magic immediately operated . From the height of his 15 months, the beautiful sheepdog has taken the kitten under his wing, or rather under his paw, and since watch over him. " I had never seen him behave so kindly with other animals " says Basia at The Dodo . " He was absolutely delighted to be able to sniff her and get close to her "

On the Facebook page of Alto , the fans of this charming duet follow the day the day in photos and videos the evolution of the little Apache with his big guardian angel. A real treat for the eyes and the heart!