Animals rewarded by... Pawscars!

Last Sunday, the whole world was enthusiastic for the Oscars, which since 85 years, annually celebrate the best of American and foreign cinema.

And if in 2012, the dog Uggie had known his hour of glory during this prestigious ceremony, animals have not been forgotten either year .

Thanks to the Pawscars , awarded for the very first time by the American Humane Association , dogs, tigers and pigs received the honors that they deserved.

Well-treated animals

All the animals whose performances were thus hailed, in a video animated by Uggie in person , were treated decently during filming, ensures the association, whose initiative also aims to raise public awareness of terrible conditions in which some film animals are exploited .

Among the animals rewarded, the dog Scotty of the film Her name is Rub y , a romantic comedy directed by Jonathan Dayton, whose the actor Paul Dano shares the poster with Zoe Kazan

The prize for the best animal in a leading role was given to the Bonny dog of the film 7 Psychopaths , an adorable Shih Tzu, here in the arms of Christopher Walken

More surprising, a pig was also sacred ! This is Maynard the Pig, aka Herman the pig of the film Magic Mike !

The crow of Hitchcock, who lands on the shoulder of Antony Hopkins in the last scene of the film was also honored, while Pi's Odyssey, directed by Ang Lee and awarded 4 Oscars, was hailed for the link between the Man and the Animal, a tiger, which he puts on stage

Find Uggie, the star dog of The Artist , in the video of the first Pawscars of cinema!