Calendar animals 2010: the top 5

Still looking for tips , we have selected for you a top 5 « animal calendar "for your key dates in 2010. And with the code" AllCreatureAnimalClinic "you get 5% discount at the time of the purchase of your animal calendar 2010.

The Jack Russell Calendar

The Jack Russell is the little darling of dog breeds lately. Cute, smart, and energetic, this calendar is just like the Jack Russell . Order the calendar Jack Russell

The calendar kittens

Irresistible ! If we were to describe kittens with their little boils and their eyes so expressive, this is the term we would use. Order the calendar kittens

The calendar red cats

We know, many of you have a red cat , as evidenced by the success of the Club des rouquins! Here is the opportunity to proudly show that we love red cats Order the calendar red cats

The calendar guinea pigs

There are some for the friends of rodents as well. The guinea pigs are honored in a series of photos that show them every month of the year. Order the guinea pigs calendar

The horses' diary

Even if on AllCreatureAnimalClinic we are not specialists in horses , we welcome them with great pleasure. Since we noticed that they answered the call, we think of them with this agenda Order the agenda of the horses

You see, there is something for all tastes, and much more still on the website . Do not forget that you get 5% discount with the AllCreatureAnimalClinic promo code . Here's what to start the year 2010 in style!