Animals at work: For 84% of owners, it would be the dream

Taking pets to work is increasingly encouraged by companies in France and this trend would be beneficial for everyone as shown by the results of the exclusive survey conducted by AllCreatureAnimalClinic to pet owners.

For the moment, they are still a handful, but there are more and more of them, companies that allow their employees to bring their animals back to the office or who adopt an animal on behalf of all. The trend called " pets at work " seduces employers as well as employees and we do not speak here of a simple fashion phenomenon but of a practice thanks to which everyone finds his AllCreatureAnimalClinic conducted the survey among its Internet users, pet owners, to learn about their experiences and their answers prove that having a pet at work is beneficial for everyone.
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Who are these animals that occupy the offices of the French?

Currently 13% of respondents work with one or more animals: dogs ( 76% ), as well as cats (37%) and birds, fish and rodents (16%), whether it is their own, a colleague's or that of the company. In the latter case, this presence implies a participation of all because the boss as well as the employees take care of it.

Benefits for all

8 out of 10 employees also say that the presence of an animal whatever it is positively impacts their daily work. 60% of them feel less stress , 17% feel more efficient and productive, 39% felt that communication with colleagues in This improves and 6% increase their concentration.

Animal owners say they notice benefits for their animals as well. Besides Company that bring their employees (63%), their attendance in offices appease them (28%) and offer a better socialization (46%) and entertainment ( 30%). Being with their master prevents them also suffer from loneliness, a feeling that can cause anxiety disorders.

The company primarily

Solitude... that is indeed what the followers of this practice seek to avoid. While positive work and animal influences are evident from this and previous surveys, this is not the primary motivation for owners to bring their dog or cat to the office. A large majority take this opportunity to not leave him alone at home for a day e while 22% of respondents do so for their hairball to keep them company. These same reasons also back in 82% of employees currently working in companies where the Pets at work is not (yet) in force but would like to join the movement.

A phenomenon very attractive

Few respondents say that they would not want to work in the presence of animals since 84% of those who do not have this opportunity would like to have the chance, without preference for dogs or cats. If for some, their sector of activity banned them by measures of hygiene and safety, a large part of the respondents (46%) admits simply never to have mentioned this possibility with his hierarchy. As a reminder, nothing in the law prohibits bringing his animal to his place of work , only an internal regulation or a directive of the entrepreneur can possibly proscribe this practice.

And why not you?

If you want to join the Pets at Work movement, check with your company beforehand. And if it agrees, some precautions are essential, such as ensuring that your work environment is suitable for an animal and that it does not represent health risks (allergies, parasites, etc.). To help you in this process and make your business an ideal place for animals and employees, Purina provides a box including a guide of good practices including the questions to ask and the key steps to be respected upstream and the launch of the project and a passport to monitor the health of the animal and a code of good conduct.

* survey conducted on the site from April 20 to 24, 2017, from 1900 owners of at least one pet, over the age of 18 and working in a company with a minimum of 10 employees

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