Animalis Bercy, a concept store "at home" for the happiness of pets

Successful makeover for Animalis de Bercy: the store has reopened and is becoming a must-see place for lovers of animals. The reason ? Its "innovative" concept of boutique-apartment, made to simplify the life of city dwellers and their dogs and cats.

The store has had a makeover: completely redesigned, the Animalis de Bercy has become a spacious loft cozy and warm . The goal ? Make the time of the races enjoyable: the French spend more and more time on their ever-increasing numbers of animals ( they are close to 63 million ) but 25% live the shopping stage like a chore


By imagining a shop "like home" with rooms such as a kitchen equipped with bowls and croquettes for every taste or a room with small cushions and king size cushions and a dressing room filled with clothes, Animalis has reinvented the French-style pet shop. Everything is done so that the customer finds quickly what he needs.

© Yoann Latouche

The Animalis apartment, a modern and friendly place to exchange

In addition to its design look, the store welcomes always the masters... and their animals! One way for owners to be able to receive many tips and for dogs - especially - to try the latest accessories


Many free and user-friendly events such as solidarity days with animal protection associations , dog massages and photo shoots are also to be expected. More than just a shop, the Animalis apartment in Bercy is a place where people come for pleasure too... from their little companions!

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