Animal insurance: how to insure your pet?

If the French are very numerous to consider their 4-legged companion as a member to family, these pets are today only 3% to benefit from an animal mutual, against 80% in Sweden!

Insure his house, his car, or his loved ones appears quite natural. But that's not the case yet for dog or cat insurance.

Yet, pet owners know how the health budget of their dog or cat can cost expensive , whether basic expenses (vaccination, deworming, sterilization...), or care in the event of illness or accident .

The bill can climb very quickly, and many pet owners are in this terrible situation, that of not having the means to pay for the care of their companion...

The insurance for animals is there for protect your pet , by covering for a very reasonable price most of its medical expenses

Bulle Bleue, animal mutual created by veterinarians

You plan to subscribe insurance for your dog or cat ? Discover our partner Bubble Bleue , the only animal health insurance company in France created and managed by veterinarians whose main concern is the health and well-being of your animals.

Blue serenity, calm blue, essential blue: Bulle Bleue offers 3 formulas adapted to your needs, the characteristics of your pet, but also your financial .

Costs refunded to 80 % in less than 15 days, the shortest waiting period in the market, support for vaccinations, high-performance hotline, the promise of a health insurance for life: with offers from 7.90 euros per month, Bulle Bleue enjoys a excellent quality / price ratio .

> For more information, visit the website of our partner Bulle Bleue