Animal hair to absorb the oil spill in the United States

The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is now 208 km long and 112 km wide. A method has been discovered to remove this oil spill off Louisiana. This is pet hair, which can be used to absorb oil.

This method has been used by Matter of Trust since 1998 to clean up oil spills: are used , fur, hair, or wool. Matter of Trust is a non-profit environmental association

The association tries to gather as much material as possible. Many donations come from hair salons or pet grooming. 500 grams of fur can be used to absorb one liter of oil. This fur can be wrung out and reused up to a hundred times.

With the oil slick still drifting in the Gulf of Mexico, these pet hair and hair gifts are very useful for cleaning the beaches and their surroundings

> Check out the video of the Matter of Trust Association, which features a demonstration of the effectiveness of fur to absorb oil