Animal Cause: 7 Presidential Candidates Respond to 30 Million Friends

As with each presidential term , the foundation 30 Millions of Friends stands up for to defend the animal cause and challenges presidential candidates on this topic.

Candidates were asked about 10 points concerning the animal cause : the legal status of the animal, pet trafficking , animal testing , bullfighting, breeding and the slaughter of farm animals, fur, hunting, the condition of circus animals, education for the respect of animals and the organization of administrative services for the defense of animals.

Out of the 10 candidates in the presidential election, 3 did not speak : Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Jacques Cheminade

The legal regime of the animal

For François Bayrou, animals should not be counted among goods . It is for the status of to be sensitive , as for Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, and Philippe Poutou Eva Joly goes further: " Animal welfare will be taken into account in thematic policies (transport, slaughter and buildings in agriculture, pet shops, circuses...) and brutal, cruel and unworthy practices will be proscribed.

For François Hollande , he must distinguish between animals and things, as in Germany, and give the possibility to introduce specific distinctions for animals

By contrast, Nicolas Sarkozy does not support it: " The modification of the status of the animal in the Civil Code does not seem to me desirable and would create a series of legal uncertainties on the relations linking the man to the animal, by example the right of ownership

Pet trafficking

On animal trafficking and animal marketing , the candidates agree that it takes more control (Eva Joly or François Hollande), especially to avoid the proliferation of a black market which would further harm animals.

For François Bayrou and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, it is necessary to limit to a maximum the importation and marketing of animals. Philippe Poutou advocates a total ban

Nicolas Sarkozy prefers a European response to respond to this problem

Animal testing

For some as Nathalie Arthaud, it seems unavoidable . For François Bayrou, it would be necessary to start by applying the European regulation in the matter.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants the to reduce to the maximum , and François Hollande wishes to favor all the researches which would make it possible to avoid using the animal as a biological model.

For Philippe Poutou and Eva Joly, it must be stopped , whereas for Nicolas Sarkozy, a lot has already been done and it is necessary to continue the efforts little by little

To see the positions of the candidates, on the corrida , the fur or the breeding and slaughter of animals, go to the site of 30 Million Friends .

These answers are important because the foundation had already announced that 1 French out of 3 could vote for a candidate in favor of animals!