China Angry After Decapitation of Internet Kitten

Since last week, Chinese Internet users are shaken by the nameless cruelty of a young woman to an animal. The person concerned, a former marketing consultant by the name of Li Pingping, beheaded his kitten in his bathroom and published the photos of his act on the Internet .

The poor animal victim of this barbarism had been in its possession for only a month, according to the China Daily

Barely published, on a Chinese social network similar to Twitter, photos of the kitten caused a great wave of anger in the country , where netizens were indignant at Li Pingping's lack of humanity

A controversy of unimaginable proportions

His actions were described as "cruelty that goes beyond the borders of imaginable ", and now the whole world is indignant at its inhuman behavior. Many have wondered about Li Pingping's mental health. But in the early days, the latter responded to Internet attacks by explaining that she had acted under the influence of depression , because of her family situation.

Her answer was far from having the angry animal defenders calmed her, the young woman quickly removed the photos from the site where she posted them, and posted a letter of apology to explain what had happened. Again, she explained that she was deeply depressed and that she was drunk at the time. But far from calming the public, the letter has received more than 60,000 indignant comments

Awareness of the animal cause in China

If in China the animal cause remains little defended yet nowadays, this tragic event happily proves that more and more Chinese citizens are becoming aware of this problem. Even a animal welfare group appears to be developing more and more.

It is none the less true that Li Pingping must be mentally unstable to commit a act as brutal and bloody and boast on the internet. Sun Daqiang, a professor of psychology at Peking Normal University, says some people go after animals because they can not find a way to deal with their emotions.