Angers: he steals his dog and returns him 3 days later

Monique, a resident of the city of Angers (Maine-et-Loire) had a great fright when her Yorkshire was stolen, there is little. Miraculously, he reappeared 3 days later in his garden!

It all starts when a young man burst into Monique's garden and rings at his door. He asks her to give him water for his scooter. Monique finds the step cavalier but agrees to help the boy.

In the meantime, she wonders how a scooter needs water... But once back at the door, no more young man. No more Yorkshire either ! Monique is desperate.

But, surprise, her beloved dog resurfaced 3 days later. He was deposited directly in his garden. Was the young thief remorseful ? Did he not manage to sell it? This will remain a question mark.

The dog is in good health, but he still has a paw scratch that cost 44 euros veterinary fees to Monique. It would have gone well!

The height of this story? This is not the first time Monique has a dog stolen. A few years ago, his previous Yorkshire had been removed ... before reappearing 6 months later! Chance or relentless?