Andy Murray flies to the rescue of a lost dog on the road

tennis player Andy Murray can add a medal to his collection! And this time, it was not on tennis courts that he shone, but in the middle of a road, as he tried to help a lost dog .

The tennis player plays the heroes

Yes, the Scottish sportsman is in full competition at Wimbledon, he did not ask questions when he saw this cross Labrador Poodle in distress.

"J was on the road to train and I saw a dog run along the road, "he told BBC Radio Five Live. "I parked my car and I went out to try to stop the traffic because the dog was running ." Andy Murray said he managed to slow down the traffic to seize the dog and install it in the backseat of his car. "The dog was strong enough, I do not think he really wanted me to catch him by the collar to put him in the car, but

luckily, he was fine and everything was fine " A cross-country Labrador Poodle, or Labradoodle

All is well that ends well

He then went to the nearest place where dog owners come to walk their four-legged companions . A place where he regularly goes with his four-legged friends.

The phone number of the owners of the lost dog was written on his collar. The tennis player contacted them, and then realized that the animal was not unknown to him.

His two dogs often run with him. Ravie, the dog's mistress came very quickly look for. And Andy Murray was able to hit the road for the All England Club!