And the man invented... the cat laptop!

It's no secret, cats love computers . They like to lie down on their comfortable keyboards, lounging on their heated towers, watching from the top of their screens, trying to catch the funny creatures that parade there often. A beautiful love story in short!

But because this romance can have very bad consequences, the British firm Suck.Uk, who also has the cat mixer, had the good idea to make a computer for feline connected .

The CatScratch Laptop is a laptop-shaped scraper that will delight cat-loving geeks. With its plush wired mouse and beautiful aquarium screen that you can easily replace with your own photos, it should (for a time at least) distract your feline and away from your computer .

To offer your cat his own laptop, you will have to pay 30 euros. A sum that can be worth it if it protects your computer from its ferocious attacks, no?