And here is Sauerkraut, the new grumpy cat that melts the web!

Sauerkraut, or Sauerkraut in French, it is the small name of a tomcat determined to shade Grumpy Cat. And it must be said that the kitten furious has no shortage of assets to achieve its goals.

For the past few days, photos of Sauerkraut in all its states, but still decked out the same look on the web. Would she become one of the most beloved cats on the Internet?

"Abandoned Kittens Ambassador"

Adopted at Oklahoma Shelter in the United States, while she was a very small kitten not quite like the others, Sauerkraut suffers from a neurological dysfunction which confers on her that discontented air. The cat also has hypersensitivity to certain stimuli and has a heart murmur. That is why her humans often put her clothes .

But despite these small problems, Sauerkraut is in good health and above all she is very happy, says her mistress, who regularly collects kittens while waiting that they join their family for life.

The speed with which Grumpy Cat's new rival wins fans on Facebook and Twitter suggests a lot of glory at the one who on her blog says she wants to become " ambassador of abandoned kittens " because "everyone deserves a warm home and hugs and there are too many kittens as (she) in the refuges ".