An original idea to help stray cats during the winter

Lovers of animals and worried about the fate of cats wandering in the cold of December, a father of family had an incredible idea.

With his children, this man who owns a farm built what he calls a the cats can also observe them .

Better for this man and his children that the window remains closed, because they could very quickly see every corner of their house invaded by adorable squatters

You too help stray cats!

Do you like cats? Do not hesitate to install them shelters so that they can come and get some warmth!

No need to build a palace , waterproof cardboard, polystyrene bins, a litter box closed, or wooden boxes (wine for example) lined with a piece of blanket, duvet or falling foam will do! And if you lack inspiration, you can look for it by admiring the beautiful shelters made by architects for stray cats in Los Angeles.