An incredible solidarity for this hero dog, disfigured for saving two children!

A very brave dog threw herself into a motorcycle to save two girls in danger. A courage that cost him serious injuries. Defaced , the animal will benefit from restorative surgery to become again what it was before. An incredible story, an awesome courage!

A dog throws herself in front of little girls to save them

In February 2012 , in Philippines , the dog Kabang is acclaimed as a true heroine for having saved two children.

While the two little girls aged 11 and 3 cross a path, a motorbike rolls over at all look. Understanding the danger for her little mistress and her cousin, Kabang , the bitch of the family, falls between the bike and the two little girls . His intervention stops the bike and saves the girls terrorized but safe and sound. The biker is also unharmed.

But this rescue cost Kabang terribly, who was snatching the muzzle by intercepting the vehicle.

According to witnesses of the tragedy , the girls, unconscious, had not noticed the machine advancing rapidly on the way and if dog hero had not intervened between the bike and the two children, they would certainly have been seriously

Rudy Bunggal , the father of the 11-year-old girl and master of Kabang , was working when the accident happened. Learning the tragedy, the father was horrified.

" The bones of his muzzle had been crushed, we could do nothing to save him, we just pulled him out of the e" tells Rudy Bunggal

According to a veterinarian, in view of the condition of the animal, it was better to shorten its suffering by euthanizing . But was this Kabang's reward for saving two little girls, giving him death? The couple categorically refused this solution and decided to fight for their dog

Kabang, a hero dog

An incredible solidarity to save this hero dog

Despite his serious injuries , Kabang was put back on his feet in a few months. Today the dog is fine but her face is horribly damaged and the more time passes, the more the bitch risks that everything gets infected and to leave her life.

Because of the complexity of his injuries, the best chance of survival for Kabang is restorative surgery . However, the masters of the bitch have too little income to pay for such an expensive operation.

Stricken by the tragic history of this disfigured dog , many individuals and animal welfare organizations volunteered to help raise funds to save Kabang. The family is very touched and very grateful for such solidarity

Kabang has become a superstar people come here to be photographed with the dog Some came with drugs and vitamins , says the newspaper Inquirer News .

Thanks to the many helpers, the Bunggal family was able to raise enough money to finance the operation and she would have flown away with their dog Kabang to the University Hospital of Veterinary Medicine in Davis, in California (United States) for treatment. The total sum of the trip and the transaction would have been $ 20,000, or approximately € 24,500.

To help the family, Philippines Airlines sponsored four return tickets , two tickets for Banggal and two for accompanying veterinarians Maria Carmen Aquino Sarmiento , Executive Director of the Philippine Airlines Foundation said in a statement: " Philippine Airlines, through the PAL Foundation, will help Kabang, Zamboanga's heroic bitch City to get to the Davis Hospital so she can get a new face .

Thanks to all those charitable souls for helping this amazing bitch who's is sacrificed to save children. We sincerely hope that Kabang's operation will succeed and that it will recover from its wounds.

You can see pictures of Kabang on the site The world behind my wall (Attention to sensitive souls.