An animal lover fired for helping a

In Reno, Nevada (USA), airport employee preferred to listen to his heart rather than his superior's orders.

Lynn Jones, a baggage handler at an airport, was asked to place a dog in the cargo hold a aircraft for take-off. Nothing unusual in itself, but when Lynn notices the condition of the animal at the bottom of her cage, she can not bring herself to ship it.

Her body was covered with wounds and his legs were all damaged. " He was so skinny that I cried ," says the 56-year-old woman, an unconditional animal lover.

Indeed, Lynn has already owned a grooming salon and lives with 3 dogs, 3 cats and a bird, all adopted in animal shelter .

Then she categorically refused to bring the dog in the hold , lest the trip him fatal, and required that the dog be consulted by a veterinarian . Her supervisor sent her back on the spot!

It is clear that today the dog has not flown as planned and is doing much better. However, we have no information about his owner or the reasons for his deplorable health .

Under pressure, he is offered to recover his position

The US media have seized of the story that moved other enthusiasts of the animal cause .

They acted and expressed their deep dissatisfaction by sending hundreds of emails and making phone calls to the

The action worked because the company that employs Lynn offered to reinstate . On its website, the company says " take this situation very seriously and welcomes the professional conscience of this employee who cares about the animal cause."

Lynn still reflects on her response, but it can already congratulate itself on advancing the animal cause !