An American woman gets rid of her puppy by drowning him in the restroom of an airport

A woman was arrested last Friday at the Nebraska airport in the United States, to have killed a puppy with whom she had tried to travel illegally

Not able to fly with the dog, less than three weeks old, this 56-year-old American decided to get rid of a good odious way. As reported The Grand Island Independent , this woman went to drown the little Dobermann in the ...

airport toilets "Their eyes were not even open yet"

Cynthia Anderson had already been in the same airport the day before, with five puppies , two older ones settled in crates and three hidden in her luggage. "Their eyes were not even open yet," said Grand Island Police Captain Dean Elliott

Seeing the plane denied access to the three youngest animals - dogs under the age of eight weeks are not allowed to travel by plane - she would have left two to her parents before retrying her chance with the last, which she had hidden in her purse .
Again, he was forbidden to board the puppy, and Cynthia Anderson would have taken the animal to the washroom where she drowned , says Captain Elliott.

Arrested and detained pending judgment, Cynthia Anderson is not unknown to the police. The American has already been convicted of theft several times.

Two puppies are still at her parents' home and the two older ones have been entrusted to a shelter of the Humane Society who will try to find them a good family. .