Aggravating Factor Against Canine Educator Mistreating Dogs

A few weeks ago, internet users discovered a video of a canine educator violently abusing a dog during mordant exercises. . Today, his activities are already stopped and a factor comes to aggravate his sentence.

The video showing Pascal Lecourt violating a German Shepherd in the Balinghem Kennel Club caused a wave of consternation. The owner of the dog broadcast it and filed a complaint with the Gendarmerie Ardres three months after having turned. The president of the canine club has been heard by the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations and the investigation phase is now closed.

Sébastien Piève, prosecutor of Saint-Omer, requalified the facts: Pascal Lecourt will be judged for bad treatment on an animal with aggravated circumstances since he was "operator of an animal club". He faces six months in prison and a fine of € 7,500, as well as a ban on all professional activities related to animals and the ban on owning them.

The hearing will take place on November 7th. Case to follow.

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