An adorable 2-legged kitten becomes a small web star

Mercury started a bad life. This poor kitten was only 4 days old when it was discovered by those who would become his humans. His two front legs had been sliced, probably by a hedge trimmer.

Thousands of fans

" The people of the neighborhood had mowed the lawn just before it was found " tell the mercury guardian angels on the Facebook page they created for him. An account that brings together 35,000 fans , animal lovers from around the world, all very moved by the courage of the adorable hairball.

"We took him to our vet who cleaned up his wounds, we took care of him because we used to take care of abandoned kittens. We fed and cleaned his wounds several times a day "confide his owners. The latter had planned to take care of the kitten until it was big enough to be proposed for adoption. But when that moment came, they could not let him go so much they were attached to him.

A second chance for a cat with immense courage

Despite his disability, Mercury walks, runs and plays (almost) like any other cat of his age. He learned to use what's left of his front legs, and if his owners thought of having him put prosthetic limbs on, it would have taken 40% of his limbs to be intact for this to be possible. Mercury will eventually, when it gets bigger, a wagon that will help him move .

His humans are so proud of him that they dream of seeing him become a therapy cat. They also want to take advantage of the "buzz" generated by Mercury images to promote the adoption of animals with disabilities or special needs.

In the meantime, the little cat is already managing as a chef. Just look at this touching video to be convinced: