An abused cat in a Belgian nightclub

If the nightclub Nunu Club Tongeren, in Belgium, keeps on talking about her, it is because she chains scandals . After indignations caused by a prostitution show, it is now the exhibition of a cat which is at the heart of the debates.

The services of SRPA (Royal Society for the Protection of Animals) of Liège have been overwhelmed by calls in recent days. And for good reason: last Saturday, fans of Tonger Nunu Club were able to attend an unusual spectacle: that of a mistreated cat in the nightclub, reports .

A cat suspended by the front legs

Besides the absurdity of having taken his cat to such a dark, noisy and crowded place - which is obviously a source of anxiety consequent for the cat - it is especially the way in which Pierre Kuppens, the director of the club, treated the animal which caused indignations .

Indeed, it is is made to take a photo with his cat that he was holding only by the two front legs : a necessarily painful position for the poor beast thus exhibited as a vulgar hunting trophy.

These photos were then published on the Nunu Club website as well as on Facebook page , and shocked the entire Web.

"Intolerable vis-à-vis the animal wellbeing "

The SRPA then received numerous complaints from" people who were particularly shocked "explained Fabrice Renard of the SRPA at . " A nightclub is not a good place to take a cat. Not only the noise but also the crowd are stressful for a feline . It is intolerable with respect to animal welfare . We want to react so that it does not happen anymore. Pierre Kuppens explained that this scene was made for... the promotion of a beer. Noises are already sometimes intolerable for humans, the hearing of a cat is even less suitable for this type of sounds. We react every time we are informed of a behavior that could harm an animal " he said

In response to this case of abuse, the SRPA seized the Federal Public Service ( SPF) Public health. The latter is currently waiting for testimonials from people who were at the Nunu Club on Saturday night to conduct its investigation, and act accordingly.